[Real Story] Her appearance was so unremarkable,completely changed in 3 months in JW!

First,change the facial contours and eye surgery.
Cheek bone reduction + Squared jaw line reduction
Incisional Ptosis correction + Epicanthoplasty


All the face and eyelids are swollen.
She could’t eat well and sleep good.


During these days, every is heard
The most essential thing is a patience heart.
Wait for the result.


3 weeks past, most of the swollen disappeared.
The second step is Fat injection on face.
For the perfection of facial curves.
Started to swell again, but not that much compare with last time.


After 4 weeks, she looks very nature.
The survival rate of  fat the first is 50~70%.


The third step is Rhinoplasty.
It’s also seriously important for the whole face looking.
She reduced nasal bone and made a new shape of nose.


Also swelling for a while.
Bandage removed after 5 days, stitches removed after 7 days.
The procedures are almost done.
She already changed a lot.
But she was not satisfied, she wants perfect!


 The photo after 2 months.
The forth step also the last was Fat injection again.
Secondary fat can be injected after 2~3 months.
Vary from the cases, how much injected fat of the first time is absorbed


There are no stitches and scars.
Just wait until all the stickers drop by themselves.


Nose became slimmer and slimmer.
The swollen of nasal bridge goes 1 or 2 months.


She has very kind-looking now.


Big eyes + high nose + V-line


If she makes up ,she loos totally amazing!
Is this her before 3 months?
Please find your own beauty like her!
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