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Well-Known in Korea as a Revision Surgery Specialist

JW Plastic Surgery Center in Korea

All of our surgeons are board-certified plastic surgery specialists as well as medical school professors. We have an anesthesiologist (specialized doctor) to ensure the highest amount of safety for our patients. We provide all kinds of plastic surgery with our specialists, who will take care of you during your surgery.

We have lots of foreign patients coming from various countries in the world not only from Asia but also from America and Europe. So you do not have to worry about the language barrier because we provide language translation services in English, Chinese, Thai, Russian, Vietnamese and many more. As well all of our doctors are able to communicate in English.


For your surgery, our plastic surgery specialists always do their best.

JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea has a Specialized System for each of the Plastic Surgery Fields and we always consider our customers’ needs and provide a customized plastic surgery plan.

With the increase in demand for cosmetic surgery, patient’s unsatisfactory levels are on the rise from receiving procedure from unverified hospitals.

Stop the need for repeated surgeries, at JW Plastic Surgery Center in Seoul, South Korea. Our highest techniques and knowledge will guarantee your satisfaction from the beginning.

To stop the need for repeated surgeries we must analyze the cases of the failed surgeries and correct them accordingly. With professional skills and experiences acquired over the past 21 years, we will do our utmost for the recovery of our patient’s confidence and satisfaction.

Let the JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea with the best plastic surgery specialists and staff in Korea, help your needs be fulfilled.

22 Years of Professional Experience

Perfect safety record with zero accidents

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