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Small (Receding) Chin Correction

Small Chin Surgery In Korea
No more thinking about Receding Chin; More fancy and proportional facial line by having Receding chin correction surgery

What is Receding Chin Correction?

Smooth Facial Line by having Receding chin correction surgery

When the upper jaw is excessively developed, there is a possibility that the low jaw is relatively underdeveloped, in turn creating a small chin. If there is no evidence of malocclusion, a small chin tip can be corrected with the chin tip surgery.

However, if a patient suffers from malocclusion as well, the two-jaw surgery and orthodontic treatment are required. JW Plastic Surgery Center in Korea will give you an impressive face line without a small chin.

  • Surgery Duration1 - 2 hours
  • HospitalizationA day patient
  • # of Postoperative visits5 - 6 Times
  • AnesthesiaGeneral anesthesia
  • Removal of Stitches2 weeks
  • Recovery PeriodAble to return to daily activity within 2 weeks after operation

Special Features of Receding Chin Correction

Chin Tip Correction

Adding volume to the Chin Tip by grafting the bone of the patient.

Chin Implant

Silicone / Gore-Tex

Micrognathia Correction

Moving the entire chin forward surgical correction with orthodontic treatment.

Chin Tip Correction

It is a surgical procedure to correct the small chin tip when your bite is properly aligned. A surgeon cuts the chin tip then moves the lower portion of separated bone forward and wires in position. By grafting the patient’s bone, it is possible to add more volume to the chip tip and correct it in a good position.

This procedure can be performed without the use of artificial implant material and it is also effective in creating a beautiful neck line while significantly adjusting the position of the chin tip.

Chin Implant

There are various types of materials for chin implant and the most common materials are Gore-Tex and silicone. The implant material is used based on patient’s bone shape.

Chin implant is a relatively simple procedure that can be completed within 30 minutes. One or two small incisions (approximately 1 cm length) are made to insert an implant material.

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