Double Facelift

In double facelift, AccuSculpt and thread facelift complement each other and create a synergy effect for facelifts
In Double Facelift, AccuSculpt and thread facelift complement each other and create a synergy effect for facelifts

What is Double Facelift?

In double facelift, AccuSculpt and thread facelift complement each other and create a synergy effect for facelifts


AccuSculpt is a laser procedure that dissolves and removes fat.

Thread Facelift

Cog threads are inserted under the skin to lift and tighten sagging skin.
  • A combination of AccuSculpt and thread face lift:
    • Soft tissues get thinner when fat is removed and the part where fat used to be located becomes empty.
    • Threads are inserted under the skin to tighten the skin and stimulate regeneration.

Why do i need the 2 procedures together?

At JW Clinic in Seoul we offer different face lift & anti aging surgeries in Korea. After Accusculpt laser melt down the fat inside, the soft tissue gets thinner. And the area where the fat is removed becomes an empty space under the skin. If we lift that soft tissue by threads at this time, the lifted soft tissue will be attached and healed on a new upper position. So the soft tissue gets not only thinner by accusculpt laser but lifted by threads simultaneously.

If you only aim at sagging and wrinkles on face, double lift will be enough for rejuvenation.

But if you have hollow and flat parts on your face that give you old appearance, you can add fat graft. We call it Triple lift. We collect fat from thighs or belly and inject them to sunken areas of your face. It makes your face look evenly smooth and skin look tighter

  • Surgery DurationApprox. 1 hour
  • HospitalizationNot Required
  • # of Postoperative visits1 time
  • AnesthesiaShort-term sedation or general anesthesia
  • Removal of StitchesNot required
  • Recovery PeriodAble to return to daily activity within 1~2 days after operation

The Effects of Double Lift

Enjoy a synergy effect of a combination of AccuSculpt and Thread Facelift as well as their original effects!

Surgical Methods of Double Lift

#1 | AccuSculpt

AccuSculpt is a lipoplasty procedure that removes fat using a laser device called AccuSculpt. Using 1444-nm wavelength, it melts down and then removes fat. This device has been widely applied not only to body contouring but also to precise facial liposuction. As the laser only affects the surgical sites, it can eliminate fat safely and efficiently.

By reducing the weight of soft tissues, you can prevent the skin from sagging and attain a sharp face. After fat is eliminated under the skin, collagen is generated and skin elasticity increases.

#2 | Thread Facelift

Thread facelift is a procedure for facelifts using cog threads. The micro needle and cog thread are pushed upwards beneath the skin. Cog threads, which melt over time, have been proven safe and tighten the sagging skin right away without any foreign body sensation.

Patients can recover from this non-incisional procedure very quickly. Based on a wealth of experience and knowhow, JW Plastic Surgery uses a proper type of thread and controls the tightening strength depending on the patient’s skin thickness or the severity of skin sagging.

Mint Lift

  • JW Plastic Surgery Center uses Mint cog thread that is approved by MFDS and FDA in Korea for the best lifting effects.
  • The pulling effect of the cogs and stimulating the collagen formation enables natural instant results and gradually gains better lifting effect.
  • Mint Lift procedure requires no incision therefore it does not leave any scar and the patient can return to his/her daily life right after the procedure.

The Features of JW Facelift

Laser + Thread

Double lift using both laser and thread is a new lift procedure developed by JW Plastic Surgery. Laser and thread complement each other. You can realize optimized effects.


If fat melted by AccuSculpt is not absorbed, the procedure may not be effective and swelling may last for a long time. JW Plastic Surgery aims to achieve optimized effects by removing all dissolved fat.

Excellent Techniques

Based on our excellent techniques and expertise, we can dissolve unnecessary fat only using AccuSculpt and insert threads under the skin without any skin damages.

Proven Effects

JW Plastic Surgery has been performing Double lift for 10 years. This procedure has been proven to be very effective for all generations from patients in their 20s to 50s. As Double Facelift can create a sharp face by sculpting soft tissues without ostectomy, it has been highly favored as a next-generation facelift procedure.

With more than 21 years of experience, Surgeons specialized in Anti-Aging surgery.

JW anti-aging team constitutes 2 anti-aging specialists with know-how from various clinical experiences, as well as dedication to achieving the best result by medical research.