The best types of Nasal Implants in Rhinoplasty (nose job)?

Which are the best types of Nasal implants in rhinoplasty?

A nasal implant is a perfect solution for shaping up the nasal profile in rhinoplasty. In most cases, nasal implants are either made from synthetic biocompatible materials or biological materials harvested from the patient’s body. Common synthetic materials include medpor, Gore-Tex, and silicone while biological materials consist mainly of cartilage and bone.
If you are planning on having a rhinoplasty procedure that involves a nasal implant, it is important to know the best type of material that will meet your requirements without raising any complications. Normally, the surgeon will carefully consider the type of implant before proceeding with the procedure, but it is essential for you to get your facts right since the choice of material is critical to the surgery’s outcome.
In reality, silicone is the most commonly used material in augmentative rhinoplasty among all synthetic materials because of its varied benefits. First, silicone implants do not bond with your body tissues, meaning that they can be removed easily in case of any complication. In addition, they can be shaped to fit the size of your nose without any difficulty.

-Synthetic Materials for Rhinoplasty-

Donated dermis for Rhinoplasty

Donate Rib cartilage for Rhinoplasty

Goretex Implants for Rhinoplasty

Silicone implants for Rhinoplasty

Silitex for Rhinoplasty

On the hand, among biological material implants, cartilages are the best choice for many patients and surgeons. This is because they offer a minimal likelihood of infection or rejection given that the material is harvested from the patient’s own body. Another advantage is that they can be easily shaped to create a perfectly formed implant that takes up the intended size of the nose. Cartilage implants can be harvested from the patient’s or a donor’s nasal septum or ear.

-Biological Materials for Rhinoplasty-

Autologous Dermis for Rhinoplasty

Ear Cartilage for Tip plasty

Fascia for Rhinoplasty

Rib cartilage for Rhinoplasty (Tip and Bridge)

Septal Cartilage for Tip plasty

It is important to note that even though silicone and cartilage are favorite materials, your surgeon will review your existing nasal structure before recommending the ideal type of material for the implant. The final choice of material will then be assessed and customized to fit perfectly into your nose. And need to be performed by legit plastic surgeons.

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