[Real Story] Stylish Plastic Surgery of Agri Velt in JW

Stylish Plastic Surgery of Agri Velt in JW


Today is a day I’ve eagerly anticipated; I could hardly sleep a wink the night before. I also had to fast the night prior because there was a possibility that I would be undergoing my first surgical procedure. I woke up early in the morning for a consultation at JW Plastic Surgery Korea, which explains why I was wearing an eye mask.


I had the pleasure of meeting Emily in person for the first time. We had been communicating via email for a couple of months, and it was wonderful to finally meet her. She took care of us like a big sister throughout the entire trip, and I couldn’t be more grateful.


Here’s a glimpse of the clinic’s interior:


Before seeing the doctors, we filled out some forms and took some photos. We went a little overboard with the camera today, knowing it might be the last time we’d see our old faces. It was time to capture some memories!


First, I had a consultation with Dr. Seul for fat grafting. Leading up to this trip, I intentionally increased my food intake to ensure there would be enough fat to extract from my thighs. Dr. Seul explained that thigh fat is of better quality than abdominal fat and discussed the areas where he would be injecting the fat. I couldn’t wait to get started!


Next, I met with Dr. Choi for an eye surgery consultation. I expressed my desire to achieve deep-set, refreshed-looking eyes. Initially, I was advised to undergo Incision Ptosis Correction/Double Eyelid Surgery to open up both my eyes evenly. However, when I learned that I’d have to refrain from wearing contact lenses and glasses for a month, I reconsidered since I rely on them heavily due to my poor eyesight.


Dr. Choi then suggested a Sub-brow Incision Eyelid-Lift Surgery along with a Forehead Lift to prevent my eyelids from appearing droopy. I also thought the forehead lift would work wonders for me, but I decided to delay it for now since I haven’t reached my thirties yet.


Finally, I had a consultation with Dr. Suh for nose surgery. I already like the side profile of my nose, but I believe it could be further improved by addressing the droopy tip. From the side, my nose appears hooked, making me look older than I am. I’m aiming for a super straight nose bridge, more in line with a man’s nose, as I’ve noticed that a woman’s nose bridge appears more curved from the side.


From the front, my nose tip is bulbous and doesn’t harmonize with my other facial features. Dr. Suh assured me that he would do his best to give me the nose I desire: a straight nose bridge, a less bulbous nose, and no droopy tip. I trust him because I’ve heard so much about Dr. Suh’s exceptional skill in sculpting beautiful noses.


I underwent a CT scan and discovered that all the nose fillers I’d had over the years added up to 5mm! I had to undergo another procedure to dissolve the remaining fillers in my nose. Goodbye to the fillers; I’m ready for the real deal.


With all the makeup stripped away, and the nose fillers dissolved, this is what you get. My face was in dire need of some fat to regain its youthful appearance, and my eyes appeared perpetually tired without eyeliner. Additionally, you can see that my face is not perfectly symmetrical.


Two hours after the surgery, doesn’t it appear as if I’ve just had an eyebrow embroidery procedure done? The stitching was so finely done that you’d hardly notice I had any work done. I took a brief rest on the comfortable heated bed before heading to Myeong Dong to stock up on my year’s supply of masks. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel weak at all and had no desire to sleep. #thisgirliscrazy


I’m extremely pleased with the results because my eyes now look awake without any makeup. Huge thanks to JW Plastic Surgery Korea and Dr. Choi! I’m still in the swollen stage at the moment, and there’s a downtime, but I’ll be sharing more pictures of the progress and the final result in future posts.


If you’re considering plastic surgery, don’t hesitate to ask the doctor about anything you’re unsure of. After all, it’s your face, and nobody knows it better than you do. Understanding the procedure you’ll be undergoing is essential for your mental preparation.


Now, let’s take a look at my journey:


Here are some essential rules to follow after rhinoplasty and fat grafting surgery for excellent results:


  1. Sleep with your head elevated for a month to help the fat remain intact.
  2. Try not to smile or laugh for a month to prevent your nose tip from drooping and minimize discomfort from the fat grafting.
  3. Avoid wearing sunglasses or spectacles for a month to prevent creating a dent on your nose bridge.

You’ll need to return to the clinic almost daily for stitches cleaning, and the great news is that JW Plastic Surgery Korea offers complimentary hair wash and manicure services.


My daily diet consisted of pumpkin soup and juice three times a day for 14 days, which helped reduce the swelling. On the third day, I tried to eat a drumstick but had to peel it piece by piece because my upper lip was still tense.


It’s normal to feel a bit down after surgery when you’re swollen, especially when you’ve had your nose tip reduced. However, as the days go by, your mood starts to improve, and you’ll eagerly anticipate each day as your nose takes its shape.



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