[Real Story] Singaporean blogger Ms. Lemonade’s Plastic Surgery Story in JW.

After consulting Dr Seul facial bone, we had concluded on just full face fat graft surgery. I also agreed with Dr Seul, that Zygoma reduction is totally not necessary for me. Initially, surgery was scheduled to proceed immediate after the consultation.Dr Seul pointed my issue on my eyes, and suggested that I should consider to consult the Dr Hong Lim Choi (Specialized in Eye Surgery) before proceeding to fat graft. The reason is that fat grafting to face, have to be always the last to proceed. Due to over injected fats, my face will swell and it’s almost impossible for doctor to eyes or nose surgery after that.
Despite me having revision done previously, my eyelids still looks very puffy and heavy. The cut was very deep, and the crease are too high too. I always had to use heavy eye make up, to make it look less visible. Here is a picture of my close up eyes, after 2 eyelids surgery done previously. After the last revision which I’ve done, I always thought that’s the best my eyes can look. Basically I felt hopeless, even how many revisions I am going to do for my eyes.
So my consultant arrange me to meet Dr Choi on the same day, to see what he could do for me. As my last revision was done like close to 6 months ago, and it might cause complication to my eyelids.
Dr Choi was examining on my eyes, and pointed out the issues. And he also say my eyelid muscles has weaken, and it need to be lifted up. At the beginning, Dr Choi was very worried on whether should he proceed eventhough I’m close to 6 months after my last revision. After much detail check for quite sometime, Dr Choi suddenly look at me confidently and say “YES! I can do it and your eyes will look brighter then before”. To me, I see hope from his confident in proceeding the surgery for me.
As Dr Choi have scheduled surgery with other patients for the rest of the day, my consultant help me scheduled mine on the 2 days later. For full face fat graft with Dr Seul, will be on the next day after my eye surgery. So my surgery was separated into 2 days.
Eye Surgery Day
Finally, I’m ready to go for my eye surgery scheduled at 4pm. I was asked to stop all eating and drinking at 1pm.
Me without any make up on, which you can see clearly my eyelid looks very puffy.
When I reached the clinic, my consultant brought me up to level 2 where all eye surgery are done there.
So while waiting, a assistant brought me to the a room to take before pictures of my eyes.
Recovery Room
After, I was brought to the recovery room to settle myself down and change while waiting. The recovery room was very cozy, and with tv that can entertain the patients.
After changing, I was asked to wash my face before proceeding to see Dr Choi and surgery.
Finally, I’m ready to meet Dr Choi again. Dr Choi greeted me with a very warm and bright smile, which makes me feel so safe under his knife. Immediately, back to his professionalism he wants to make sure the surgery goes well. He started to explain to me what he will be doing for my eyes, and making sure he do the best to get the best result.
He suggested doing a revision using Full Incisional Double eyelid, with levator muscles lift on me.
Here he start all the marking on my eye area, where he will focus on.
Haha… see I’ve said Dr Choi is really a very friendly and nice doctor, making me smiling brightly before the surgery.
During Surgery
And…. the surgery is about to start. There was this nurse I guess, who is in the surgery room too with me suddenly speak chinese to me. I was so shocked, and she was chatting with me and explaining to me the surgery duration. Eyelid surgery are performed under local anesthesia. I’ve always hated it when they inject the anesthesia onto my eyes area, even this is my 3rd eyelid surgery. Dr Choi was very gentle, worrying I will be crying in pain. He was like keep saying “疼” (pain in chinese), before he inject onto the area. I was laughing non stop, cause he simply too adorable can. And the surgery room, was all filled with laughter when I keep laughing.
Then they were talking in korean, which I don’t understand. So the lady translated into chinese to me. Dr Choi and the rest of the assistants in the surgery room was discussing, wow this girl her pain endurance are really high. Ya to be honest yes, but I’m really freaking in pain I just wan the anesthesia to be done asap.
The surgery started immediately after Dr Choi have injected all the area. Basically, I was sleeping till Dr Choi suddenly asked me to sit up. He was making sure that both eyes are balanced. During that moment I was awake, just that I don’t feel any pain when surgery still on. I start to observe and I see how professional they are and serious when they are doing a surgery. Every single steps Dr Choi decide to move, not only he uses his own professionalism view. He also discuss not only among himself. So I was asked so lye and sit up a few times, until he get the best result he could do for me.
The last time when I was asked to sit up, Dr Choi was smiling very brightly to me. And look at me saying, “It’s done!” At that moment, I have yet to see myself on the mirror yet. But the smile he given to me, was a smile that filled with “NICE EYES” ! LOLX…
So he left me with his assistants who will help me to stitch up my wound. They were telling me, my eyes looks way better then previous. And they told me it’s gonna be beautiful. I was like so eager to look into the mirror right away.
After Surgery
After the stitches was done, I was brought back to the recovery room. First thing, I do was to look into the mirror. Eventhough, it was swelling bad at that moment. But I could really see the crease of the eyelid have lower, and my eyes seems to look nicer even it’s swelling.
The next moment I realized it’s already 9pm, my surgery was like taking almost 5 hours. I know I look gross in the pictures below, pls focus on my eyessss. See the different!?!?
One side note for everyone, don’t be so dumb like me to fixed eyelash extension when you are going for surgery. It will really hinder the doctors, and it will make their life difficult cox they need to be extra careful making sure the surgery is done smoothly.
Below are picture of post ops day 1 of my eyes. :)
A close up picture on eye area, during post-ops day 1.
**Do continue to follow my next post, on my fat graft surgery with Dr Chul Hwan Seul. My follow-up with Dr Choi and Dr Seul before I leave Korea. And also lots of pictures after post-ops 2 weeks for both my eyes and full face fat graft surgery. I’m loving the result!
Me with Dr Chul Hwan Seul
On the day when I am done with my eyes surgery, my consultant came over to give and explained to me on all the medications. It’s actually cover for my fat grafting surgery the next day too.
I’m pretty surprised that they given me a few packs of pumpkin juice, I was still searching high and low for it. It’s was really very thoughtful of them, to prepared for our post-ops care. I have this habit of buying sinecch for all my surgery, but this time round even I buy but I didn’t take it.
Fat Grafting with Dr Chul Hwan Seul
This is the second day of my surgery, I’m so pleased with my eyes surgery done with Dr Hong Lim Choi. Even it’s just post-ops Day 1, look at the pictures below with eyes surgery done and before fat grafting. It already looks so natural, and pretty. All pictures are not edited or filtered.
On the way to JW Beauty Clinic
What you see in my blog, all pictures of mine are mostly with thick make up. Now, I shall show you my naked face without any make up on. From the pictures below, my face is so sunken and seem like my cheekbone looks very wide. Initially, my motive was to have Zygoma reduction. But after all the scan and X-Ray, Dr Seul rejected me cox my facial bone so small. The reasons I find my cheekbone wide, and facial shape look unsymmetrical. They are actually due to my face are lacking of lots of fats, or I can say hardly to see fats on my face.
From the side view, basically my whole face is flat especially my forehead. The only 3D on my face, is my nose. It’s looks really weird.
Before surgery, Dr Seul start all the drawing and marking on my face. He explained to me how he will make my face look more symmetrical, by using fat grafting only. I told him that I feel I had protruding jaw, but he told me mine was very slight protrude. If he is going to do two jaw surgery for me, it won’t make much different like what we usually see on those transformation on TV. So he suggested he will inject some fats on my chin, to make it look less obvious. I also requested focus more on my forehead, undercheek and temples areas.
Many readers had emailed me and asked : “You so skinny already, where do you have fats for them to extracts from?”
YES!!!! I have lots of fats on my lower body, especially my thighs and butt areas. Below are pictures of marking, where Dr Seul will extract the fats from. I know haha my butt looks big and with lots of cellulite. Pls fast forward if you wanna puke. Dr Seul will lipo out the fats on the areas marked, and inject to my face. I was hoping after the surgery I can have a smaller thighs and butt too. Heez…
After I’m all ready for the surgery, I was brought up to Level 5 where the operation theater and recovery room are.
Recovery Room for patients
Here I go into the Operation theater, I’m feeling all excited and alittle scared. I always have fear when it come to extracting fats. Those who have been following me, would know I had done twice fat grafting with another doctor. I still remembered I cried and shivered in surgery room, so I’m not as brave as you all think.
Operation Theater
During Fat Grafting Surgery
I remember I was walking into the operation theater, and asked to lie down facing downward. They start to tie me up, and put me under anesthesia. This is the only thing I remembered while I was still conscious.
After Fat Grafting Surgery
Suddenly, I heard someone calling me asking me if I could open my eyes. I don’t know what was happening, other then feeling so dizzy and head was spinning bad. They help me into the recovery room, and carry me up onto the bed cause I totally have no strength at all. I don’t even know I just did my surgery, as I don’t feel anything.
The next moment, I heard my consultant’s sweet voice calling me and asked if I’m fine. She was sitting there all the while cox I was alone, till I finally able to open my eyes.
Pictures immediately after Surgery
After a good rest, I decided to go back my apartment to rest. I get myself changed, and sitted at the waiting area outside to wait for my consultant. Eventhough, I was so dizzy but I can’t wait to see how I look at that moment. Selfies time! haha… First thing I realized, I finally have a full forehead which I always dying for. Second, was my chin I find it looks different and it seem prettier too. Third, of cox my chubby cheek. I’m so pleased with the overall result.
This is a picture to compare the before and after fat graft.
On the same day of my fat graft surgery, my face start to swell more in the late afternoon. That I almost can’t open my eyes. But I don’t feel any pain at all, other than I feel my lipo areas feeling sore when sitting down.
Eyes : Post- Ops Day 1 Immediate after  Fat GraftC360_2014-04-04-13-05-27-116
But I didn’t quite bothered about it, I still go out for my dinner at Seven Luck casino which is just walking distance from my apartment.
 Day 3 : Eye Surgery ; Day 2 Fat Grafting
It’s start to de swell alittle, especially on my eye area. I’m able to see my features more, of cox from picture you can see how happy I am. Loving the forehead ♥♥♥
Post- Ops Day 2 - Eye Surgery Post-Ops Day 1 -  Fat Graft
Post-Ops Care at JW Beauty Clinic
During post-ops Day 4, my consultant scheduled me for my post-ops care.
The clinic assistant directed me to a room, as they need to help me on cleaning the wound on my eyes and my lipo areas.
Then I was directed to do the post-ops de swelling treatment, provided by JW Plastic Surgery Korea.
Final follow-up
On Day 5, I visited the clinic again to do final follow with Dr Seul on my fat graft and also removal of my eyes stitches.
Dr Seul saw me keep frowning, he advise me not to do so temporary cox the fats on forehead might go out of place. I need to wait for my face to deswell and settle down, it’s takes about 1 months to look natural due to over injected fats.
Me and Dr Chul Hwan Seul
I also did I final follow up on my eyes with Dr Hong Lim Choi, before I leave Seoul in the late afternoon. He advise me what to take note during post-ops, and told me I no longer need thick make up. Felt so happy about it.
Me with Dr Hong Lim Choi
Below is a short interview video, which documented on my plastic surgery with JW Plastic Surgery Korea. You can see from the video how I look before and after the surgery.

Post-Ops Day 6 (Before I leave Seoul)
Post-Ops 1 week (with just loose powder and lip gloss)
Post-Ops Day 1 -  Full Incisional Eyelid  with Levator muscle lift
Post-Ops Day 12
I really love how I look at post-ops Day 12, the smooth facial line and my revised eyes. I start to dislike make up, these are all pictures with zero make up and eyelash extension. It looks totally natural, and many of my friends complimented I look younger then before. I can now feel proudly stepping out, without any make up.
Post-Ops 2 weeks
I guess the pictures below speaks a thousand words :) And it’s also with ZERO make up… heez…
Hereby, I would like to say a BIG Thank You to “JW Plastic Surgery Korea”. And really appreciated alot, I had Dr Seul and Dr Choi to be my surgeon for my surgeries. Both of them are very experienced surgeons in JW Plastic Surgery Korea, I believe they have “magic” hand too! ^^
Of cox not forgetting my consultant who have been working so hard making arrangement, from the point when I made an appointment till the end of my surgery. You know who you are, THANK YOU SO MUCH SWEETIEE! ♥♥♥ ^^
My followers in Facebook Page and Instagram, have known I had already prepared and booked my flight to Seoul again on 30th Oct – 7 Nov. This time round I will be visiting JW Plastic Surgery Korea again for my nose and dimple surgery.
There will 2 final posts , one would be my pre consultation with Dr Man Koon Suh on my nose surgery. The other would be my post-ops 1 months video and pictures.
For information and contact of JW Plastic Surgery Korea are as below : 
For online consultation, pls email to jw_beauty@naver.com