[Real Story] Male Rhinoplasty & Double eyelids surgery in JW

Hi,I have an Asian face.
Small eyes without double eyelids and flat upturned nose.
 I I don’t expect so much dramatic changes. But I wanna improve myself.
So I trust JW and did surgeries there.
 Everything comes as the doctors said.
Swollen and bruises didn’t make it feel uneasy.
 Uhaha,the nose looks like pig nose in the photo!
But believe me,just need time!:)
 Look at my nose, how about after 4 days again?
The swollen start to go and I will see my final shape of nose soon.
 The eyes are totally healed, I like them. 
My eyes didn’t become that bigger but makes me look brighter.
 I can say that, for nose and eyes surgery at most it takes 3 weeks.
I feel my nose good and like my eyelids. 
But doctor still said that still need to be carefully.
 I like my new nose,it doesn’t look like that I had nose job.
Nose and eyes look very nature.
 The nose is much slimmer than before. I didn’t notice since when it already looks like now.Anyway, I am so happy about the results.
 The two surgeries made me look cuter.
Thank you!
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