[Real Story] Kim Yoony’s Story- A girl who looks masculine change to a Cutie in JW!

Hello! My name is Yoony Kim  Today I underwent Rhinoplasty,Levator correction and Epicanthoplasty on my eyes. My cheek bone is wide,it makes me look masculinize. So I decide Zygoma reduction for myself. Now my face look very swollen. Dr. Seul said it will look worse than now from tomorrow ^^;

 For my face contouring,I had fat injection.Fat grafting on full face to get more volume of my face.But now my face look horrible,so much swollen:.( But I do not worry,cause I know I would get good result. My breast is not small but I still want to improve some,so I choose Haverst Jet to transplant fat on my breast. 

  It’s the 3rd day.Still look like a blowfish! -..- 
You can see some bruise below my eye……

The first week was so long for me. 

I don’t even wanna look at the mirror.

Seems like that my swollen start to go. So Happy:)  

Happy weekend! I am getting better and better!:)

I think I have a round face 

so I remove a little fat by Accu laser on my chin. 

I also want to takesome botox injection on my calves,

cause I want my legs look slim:) 

Some people have easy bruisability of skin. The swollen and bruise are so terrible! But seems like I am so lucky! 

Can you see the changes?
The 3rd week goes by,everything is getting better and better.

Became a Cute girl! 😀 

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