[Real Story] Fat grafting (Fat Transplantation) brought me younger looking!

Hello!I had my surgeries in JW.
Harvest Jet(Fat Transplantation to breast)+ Facial Fat Transplantation/Accusculpt+Liposuction on arm

I look old as my age.I don’t want to tell others my age of cause.
I am interested in getting Fat Transplantation done for a younger appearance.
I also want to increase my bra size,so I did Fat Transplantation both on face and breast.

Siphoning off excess fat on arm,to make me look slimmer.
After Liposuction,I have to wear compression garment for a few weeks.

I got lot of bruise on my beast,but I haven’t felt any pain.
Significantly the breast looks much bigger.
But doctor said the survival of the fat is 50~70% in primary. 

The results make me look much more young and fresh.
I did fat grafting on my forehead, chin and cheek area.

By the way,it seems that lost some weight as well.
Cause the fat they took from my thighs and abdomen.

The swollen disappeared fast.My face is no more that round.
Before I feel really satisfied with the swollen. 
I want more volume on my face.So I will infect more fat on face.

My arms look very good now.Actually I didn’t have so much bruise on arms.

Here are my recent pictures.I am OK with this size.
The mose important thing is that it made me look much younger than before.
Thank you!

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