[Real Story] Agri Velt, Reiee Kok & Agnes’ journey of plastic surgery – Final Chapter (Reiee Kok)

Hi everyone, i hope everyone spent your public holiday well. My friends and i made a impromptu decision to do a 3 hours karaoke session. Our choice of music has a mixture of Chinese heartbroken love song and havoc party. Crazy people and i totally enjoyed the time i spent with them.
Anyway back to topic, this is my last part of my plastic surgery journey.
B&A photo.
After ptosis correction procedure, i look less sleepy when i have no make up on. My eyes feels less tired too! I;m really happy with the after result.
My smile lines and eye bags is less visible after full face fats grafting. After 3 months, my face is more settle down already though i kinda miss my puffy forehead i had 🙂 Till today, I received many compliments and comments that the after result is very nature especially my eyelids. No one could tell.
Post op week 2.
Post op week 3.
My face in MARCH(1 months later).


My face in APRIL(2 months later).
Pardon us for our bruises face, this photo was taken a week after our surgeries.
Photo with Dr Suh who gave us pretty nose.
Watch part 4 of the video featuring me, Agri and Agnes talks about our new look. Hit the play button now :


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