[Real Story] After One month, Kate Yang’s Changes!

Hello!!My name is Kate Yang.
I had nose job, double eyelids and fat injection in JW.

It has been a month already.
I was worried about the swelling.
But I already can post my story after the surgery.
My eye corner was far from each other and the pupil was covered.
I heard that I look angry many times.
My nose bridge is low and I have wide alar base.
The consultant was very kind and the doctor as well.

Second day,swelling a lot and seems like couldn’t open my eyes.

I removed the bandage on my nose on 5th day.
I can see the shape of my nose.
The swelling is still significant in the nose, 
I need to wait until the tip comes down.

7th day,the stitches were removed.Face still looks round.Swelling…
I think looks better than yesterday,isn’t it?

The first week is most important time.
From swollen severely,until now to see the new face.
I am changing day by day.I found different changes every day:)

 That picture is after 10 days.The swelling subsided more.
The doctor said I’m not really swollen compared to other patients
 and I will be prettier after all the swelling subsides.

 It has been 15 days after the surgery.
I took many pictures to check the swelling.
I became really confident to look at my face and side line.
I feel like my forehead to nose line got really pretty.
Is it only me who feel this way? 

That day I came to JW for checking up again.
The doctor said my recovery has been very well.
 I like my face shape quite much.

This is the picture exactly a month after the surgery.
It wasn’t comfortable to open my eyes because of the swelling 
but I can open my eyes very comfortably.
People say the result is very good and I look kind now.
I didn’t like to look at the side view of my face but I like to look at it now.

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