[News] Frequented by K-pop stars and Korean Entertainers, JW Plastic Surgery Center Unveils the result of its survey on client’s satisfaction

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Recently, JW Plastic Surgery Center reports the result of its survey on client satifaction in 2017. Based on ‘Patient Satisfaction Survey 2017’ conducted by the JW Research team, 93 among the 100 patients who took the survey responded that their self-confidence level hugely improved after the surgery, compared to that before the surgery. One patient that participated in the survey said, “The results are well worth the expense and I feel I just find something valuable for myself with high self-satisfaction.” South Korea is regarded as the Mecca of cosmetic surgery, and there are many plastic surgery clinics. Without a single accident happened, JW has survived in the past 18 years in one spot among more than 400 plastic surgery clinics in Apgujeong area — the center of plastic surgery in Gangnam, Seoul.

JW Plastic Surgery Center has won recognition and received awards from numerous organizations such as the Korea Tourism Organization, Gangnam Medical Tour, the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and Medical Korea throughout its 18-year service since 1999. JW Plastic Surgery Center has seven board-certified plastic surgeons, each specializing in a particular field with more than 18 years of clinical experience. Due to the surgery skills and their services, the surgeons are well-known to K-pop stars and celebrities. They come to JW for plastic surgery, skin treatments, and facial improvements. Foreign doctors from United States of America, Thailand, Singapore, etc., attended JW’s training program to receive its highly sought certification. As the center of Korea’s medical tourism, JW received an enormous amount of international media attention such as BBC and TF1 news to report its success. Many patients from overseas come all the way to JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea to enhance their beauty or to fix their problems from their previous plastic surgery performed by other surgeons.
Ever since the country’s Ministry of Health has allowed local clinics to treat foreign patients, it is estimated that thousands of people from around the world travel to Korea every year to get plastic surgery. To cater to the needs of foreign patients, JW has in-house translator services which can help foreign patients in English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Russian, and Thai. Patients can also meet friendly staffs, even doctors can kindly explain how they can help or improve patients’ looks with very professional and impressive skills. Han, who is a global marketing manager in JW said, “If there is someone who can look after you during the whole surgery time and speak your language, you will feel much comfortable and less nervous. That is why JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea has in-house translator services to provide the most comfortable medical care.”
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