Miss Mimosa Queen 2019 – Final in Bangkok, Thailand

Miss Mimosa Queen 2019 – beauty pageant organised together with JW Plastic Surgery in Thailand is over. 7th December the new reigning queen has been chosen. Let’s see full relation from the event and enjoy the stunning gallery of our beautiful queens.

6th and 7th of December was a very significant day in Bangkok, Thailand. One of the biggest beauty contests for transgender women has finished and the reign of new Miss Mimosa Queen has began. The event was from the beginning sponsored by JW Plastic Surgery Center and our representatives was present at every stage of the contest. JW Plastic Surgery sponsored the event to support the idea of Miss Mimosa Queen contest. MIMOSA stands for “Role Model of Intimacy, who Inspire others for social contributions by being Merciful, Optimistic and Strong – an Absolute Beauty” We believe that plastic surgery is to help to find one’s real beauty and to express, who they really are.

6th of December JW Plastic Surgery has chosen the “Let Me Changed” event winner. Prize of 30 million KRW worth plastic surgery procedure in our center in Korea went to the beautiful Bank Natchanara, who also won the 2nd place of the contest. Congratulations! We will see you soon in Korea!

7th of December was the day of the final. 23 gorgeous women were contesting for Miss Mimosa crown. The choice was very difficult, as all contestants were absolutely beautiful and full of charm. We are happy to introduce the Miss Mimosa Queen 2019 to you. The winner is Nurse Preeyalak. We want to congratulate our new Miss from the bottom of our hearts. We were stunned by her beauty, grace and wonderful soul.

Miss Mimosa Queen idea is to contribute to the better world. This year the problem, they wanted to highlight is sea pollution by microplastics. Contestants took a part in special performance – disguised in beautiful mermaid costumes were fighting with pilling up plastic waste, just like most sea creatures do every day. Performance was not the only way of fighting with the problem. Our miss candidates cleaned the seashore with their own hands, to give the example to all of us.

8th December was a day of a special consultation event with our partnership clinic Kongju in Bangkok. Patients who live in Thailand had a chance to have a consultation with Dr Chul Hwan Seul from JW Plastic Surgery. Doctor evaluated each case thoroughly and recommended the surgery for the best result. That was a very busy day for Dr Seul, as many people came for the consultation, including Thai stars singer and actress Panadda Ruangwut and DJ JMAM.