Live Broadcast with Anita Tsoy and Dr. Kang Hong Dae of JW Plastic Surgery Korea

On October 8, 2021, at 6 p.m., a live broadcast hosted in cooperation with Gangnam Medical Tourism Center was held at the JW Plastic Surgery Center. The Gangnam Medical Tour event will be held once a week with hospitals located in Gangnam and live broadcasts involving celebrities from the CIS countries. The series of events aims at showing the best of techniques and results of medical facilities in Korea.


The JW Plastic Surgery Clinic has been selected as a plastic surgery clinic that will participate in the Gangnam Medical Tour Live Broadcasting amongst 226 plastic surgery clinics located in Gangnam. Conditions for plastic surgery to participate in the Gangnam Medical Tour event of Gangnam Office were not only plastic surgery treatment and surgical quality, but also customized services for foreign patients, and liability assurance for foreign patients.
The live broadcast was conducted by famous Russian singer Anita Tsoi and Dr. Kang Hong Dae, who specializes in anti-aging surgery in our JW Plastic Surgery.

During the live broadcast, Director Kang answered and explained to the viewers’ all questions in detail, and also shared before and after photos of anti-aging treatments.

For those who couldn’t participate in the live broadcast, we will share some interesting questions and answers shown during the broadcast.

Q. Is it true that Korean plastic surgeons have their own specialty?
– Not all plastic surgery clinics do such a narrow field. However, these days, more and more doctors are focusing on one field because surgery is subdivided and more information and technology are developed, making it impossible to perfect all fields.
Our JW Plastic Surgery Clinic is divided into eye surgery specialists, nose surgery specialists, body plastic surgery (breast and abdominal plastic surgery), and anti-aging specialists in each part.
I am treating in the eye surgery and anti-aging part, and in the case of eye surgery, double eyelids, eye correction, lower eyelid surgery, and eye surgery are performed, and in the anti-aging part, facial and endoscopic forehead lift, thread lifting, and fat graft are performed.

Q. What is the difference between mini lifting and facial lift?
– Mini lifting is not an overall lift of the face, but partially performed when you want a change in one area only. Although it has the advantage of having a small incision line, it is not satisfactory in terms of the effectiveness of the surgery and it is less lasting.
On the other hand, facial lift refers to surgery that improves the middle face, lower face, and neck wrinkles at once, and although the incision line is larger than that of mini lift, I usually perform facial lift because of its clear lift effect and long lasting power.

Mini lifting incision
SMAS facelift incision

This is a SMAS lift incision conducted by Dr. Kang of JW Plastic Surgery Clinic.

Diana, who underwent facial lift in August 2020, also came from afar and shared a short impression of the changes in life after surgery.

Diana works in selling Korean cosmetics and heard a lot of unflattering comments about her appearance before surgery, but after surgery, there have been many good changes in life. She says she is happy when she looks in the mirror when she wakes up in the morning.

Before and after photos of SMAS patient Diana (front)
Before and after photos of SMAS patient Diana (oblique)

Q. The last question on the broadcast was what kind of service foreign patients can receive if they visit the JW Plastic Surgery Korea?
– Our JW Plastic Surgery Korea operates with an overseas promotion team that supports foreign patients and provides one-stop services for foreign patients. The one-stop service is available for all necessary tests such as blood tests, CT, and X-rays at the hospital. In addition, JW Plastic Surgery has a CCTV camera installed in the operating room so that patients can trust the surgical process. Many people are worried after cases of Shadow Doctor in Korea overseas came into light, but in JW Plastic Surgery does not have to worry about this. It also provides a professional interpretation-coordinator service that will help you from beginning to end to make the plastic surgery experience easy and positive.

Rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Suh Man Koon and anesthesiologist Dr. Lee Eui Min at the operation room.

In addition, five active viewers during the broadcast were also provided with gift boxes specially prepared by JW Plastic Surgery Centre. This live broadcast was a important for us as we could share the information about plastic surgery with many people from abroad and answer a lot of curious questions.