This is Song person who has PERFECT BODY

Hey This is Song from Korea
For first I would like to write about which surgery I had and
What was the plan
I had Tear drop implant on both of my breast/Texture/325cc on both side
My breast used to be major small about 75A…
I know this is small so don’t make fun of me
This is why I finally decided to have breast job done from JW Plastic Surgery Korea.
I think I always had complex about my breast especially when I go to beach or swimming pool, I’m pretty sure many of girls will agree with that it doesn’t have any fit showing when you are wearing bra or swimming suit with small breast. So I convinced my parents and decided to have surgery. I will post some of pictures of my before and after pics of surgery because I’m really satisfied with my results from JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea by Dr. Chul Hwan Seul
Can you see that how small was my breast?
Most of clothes were seemed not suitable with me because of small breast
And gave me so much of stress
One of my nicknames was elementary tits….


I also discussed about the surgery with my boy friend
I guess this is just something different mindset between guys and girls, because he did not want me to do the surgery and he did not understand why I should have done surgery…so I just did it;;;


This picture is after teardrop implant surgery
That pump thingy is to help not to get hematoma
Looks nasty…right??don’t ask me about how hurt it was
Because it hurts helllllllllllllllllllllllllll
But not hurt as much as I expected lol.


When I got home it started awaking from the anesthesia
And hurting started to show…So I called one of the staff from the JW Plastic Surgery, now I think about it…I feel so bad to her because I called her around at 2a.m. T.T but at that moment I needed it…sorry..


 This picture is 3 days after the surgery
I never felt that my breast feel this heavy lol
I hated that bandages!!it feels so uncomfortable, but I had to put it on to have better shape of my breast


I took several pictures of myself 3rd day, 5th day, 1stweek etc…but I will just post this picture because other pictures are little bit uncensored ^^
This is about 2 weeks ago
I’m not sure about swollenness come down to near stomach area or it is just my tummy. So I walked little and it got improved~~~hahaha


I guess I’m still young~lol because my recovery is super fast!!
It is sort of sad that I can’t raise my hand since I had incision on armpit, but the other side it is good because minor scaring


My body is a lot lighter than before~ or maybe I feel that way
I think my condition got a lot better compare to 2nd week
Guys Please do walk or little exercise to keep up with your body shape and it helps you with reduce swelling.
Wow I just realized that I should be thankful to Dr. Chul Hwan, Seul
You know when I list all the pictures up here I get a chance to think of my past looks and it got improved a lot. I love my body!!
I hope my post gave you many answers to whom are thinking about the breast implant or breast surgery.
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