Ptosis Correction Revision Review

I had hard time to decide to undergo ptosis correction surgery.
I finally had ptosis correction.
Actually I had double eyelid surgery before but it became sleepy eyes again after the time goes.
Therefore, I hardly decided to do ptosis correction.
I was very careful to choose a clinic since it is not first surgery.

 So I decided to go with JW plastic surgery center in Apgujeong.

The consultants explained very kindly about my eyes.
They said if those eyes like me having ptosis don’t correct ptosis and just do double eyelid surgery, it might look okay at first but it would be more unnatural and sleepy looking after the time goes.   
So it is very important to have correction.

I was very worried because of the swelling but it got much better 1 week after the surgery.

It is still swollen but there was no problem to do the daily life.

This picture was taken around a month after the surgery.

Now, I don’t remember my previous eyes.

My eyes look brighter and pretty!

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