Nose fillers at JW Plastic Surgery Korea

Often referred to as non-surgical rhinoplasty, nose fillers can help create the look of a sharper nose bridge and improve one’s face symmetry. If you’ve ever considered doing rhinoplasty but is afraid of going under the knife, this is a great alternative for you! Besides not having to undergo surgery, nose fillers are also cheaper and considered one of the safest cosmetic procedures due to the low risk and low downtime involved. Our assistant editor Evia previously wrote a piece on nose fillers at Mint, but we wanted to experience firsthand how the Koreans have it done so we headed over to JW Plastic Surgery Korea, a renowned plastic surgery clinic in Seoul!

First, we had consultation with Dr Woo, who suggested that I get fillers injected into the top of my nose bridge to hide a bony bump on my nose.  

After the consultation, numbing cream was applied onto my nose bridge and we waited for half an hour for the numbing effect to kick in.

A Korean brand of fillers, Elravie, was used in this procedure. 

Besides just applying the numbing cream, a nurse also helped to ice my nose bridge to further ensure that the injections wouldn’t hurt. After which, we were ready to begin with the injections!

And just like that it was done! The injections didn’t hurt at alll and I didn’t feel anything mosre than just a few minor pricks. 

Before (top) and after (bottom). As you can see, my nose bridge is visibly higher and you can’t see the bump anymore!

These were taken a few days after the injections. As you can see, the top of my nose bridge was still slightly swollen. However, there were practically no marks left by the needles at all!

And these were taken about a week after, when the swelling has subsided. For more information on nose fillers at JW Plastic Surgery Korea, you can check out their website at or email them at