Live Rhinoplasty Surgery (Nose Job) from OSAPS

Dr. Man Koon Suh from JW Plastic Surgery Korea
 Represented of Asian doctors for Rhinoplasty surgeon from
“International Congress of Oriental Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery”

Dr. ManKoon, Suh from JW Plastic Surgery Korea got invited to 14th OSAPS on 27-29th Oct. 2014 to perform a live surgery about “Rhinoplasty (Nose Job): Short Nose Correction” in front of 600 other surgeons from all around the world.
These above pictures are from OSAPS Dr. ManKoon Suh from JW Plastic Surgery Korea gave a live demonstration in front of 600 surgeons about “Advanced Technology of Rhinoplasty”
Some of surgeons got to see the live rhinoplasty (Nose Job) surgery from the surgery room and other surgeons saw live rhinoplasty (Nose Job) surgery through windows and screens