JW Plastic Surgery Clinic had an interview from the most famous French T.V. Channel “TF1”

A well-known local French T.V. Channel TF1, came to JW Plastic Surgery Center to cover a story about the Best Korean Plastic Surgery.

Korea is well-known for having the most skilled plastic surgeons in the world.

MENAGE, Francois Xavier

Menage, Francois Xavier, whom is a well-known reporter from TF1, came to

JW Plastic Surgery Center and had an interview with Dr. Man Koon, Suh about Korean Plastic Surgery and why so many locals and foreigners want to have plastic surgery done at JW Plastic Surgery Center.

“Because each surgeon performs a limited number of surgeries each day, our operations are not like that of a factory. We do customized plastic surgery for all of our clients, with safety being our number one priority.”