[JW Plastic Surgery Center] Partial Ptosis Correction+Epicanthoplasty+Fat Grafting+Rhinoplasty

This is Kim who had
Partial Ptosis Correction+Epicanthoplasty+
Fat Grafting+Rhinoplasty
Finally I made a DECISION!!
I made a decision to have surgery; I guess main reason was that because of people around me affected a lot.
This could be sounds little bit weird for saying out by my own mouth
But I heard many times that I’m cute>,<; many of my friends started to have surgery and I was starting to get jealous of them.
I started to have thoughts of having surgery to be prettier.
For the surgery I just want to change some of concerns I always had
Instead of total change of my appearance.


These selfies are taken about 2weeks after surgery

I started work about 2weeks after the surgery. I think I cared of myself a lot by having pumpkin juice to deswell my swollenness. I guess I’m immune to swelling or something lol. I was so happy to go to work when every was in shocked because I did not get that much of swelling.


Finally it has been month!!

I look through my old pics to compare with right now and I got so much shocked

Because facial line have changed a lot than I think

Girls have to be pretty to look hot and attention from others

I feel so satisfied of my current looks (some people might think something else but I think I’m loving it!!) Also many other people give me good comments about it.

3 months after Surgery
I look so much prettier after getting make-ups by professionals and wearing pretty dress
I was sort of tired but happy to see pretty pictures of I have taken~
Now all of my friends know that I have gotten surgery because I told them straight up that I did
And I recommend them to go to JW Plastic Surgery Korea since they were very curious about which surgery clinic I went to.

I was considering a lot about the having a surgery Now, I do not even remember all those swollenness after seeing previous me through the mirror. Also doctor took care of me a lot from start to end~ I loved this the most because I was reallllly worried, but he solved every single my worries away~

I really appreciate to Doctor Suh, Doctor Choi, Doctor Seul Who performed surgery

Who gave me a more confidence in myself

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