Have you tried Korean traditional food in Insadong?

Insadong is one of the most famous tourist spot in Seoul since it is well-known as traditional street and represents of the “culture of past and present”.
There are many unique area of Seoul that truly represent the cultural history and nation and good traditional Korean restaurants.
I have tried one on the restaurants in Insadong and it was great.
This is “ganjang gejang” marinated fresh raw crab in soy sauce.
It is quite salty but still tastes very good with plain rice.
These are all side dishes called Namul and Kim.
This is Doenjang jjigae with tofu and some vegetables.
It is one of the most famous food in Korea.
Sea food stew called Haemultang in Korean.


This was the best dish in this restaurant!
It is ddukgalbi similar with hamburg but it is sweeter and more delicious for me.
The meat was very soft and tasty.
If you come to Korea, you should try this traditional Korean food! 😉
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