Face lift in Korea

Doctor Hong Dae, Kang from JW Plastic Surgery Center Korea got invited to “The Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive surgeons” as a guest speaker.

He presented “Facelifting by Extended SMAS technique” and He mentioned, “Facelifting is not just lifting the sagging skin; the most important factor during operation is rewind back to patient’s youth depending on their aging process”.

Recently, Korean surgeons have lifted not only the facial skin but also the facial muscle for bigger effects and a longer duration of effect.

Additionally, JW surgeons lift the skin, the muscle and also cut the retaining ligaments that pull the muscle and the skin downward to their original position. Cutting ligaments require a high level of technique and skill since they are located close to major nerves. JW surgeon’s 20-years of experience, guarantee the most precise surgery aiming at the best results.

Types of Face lift 

1. Facelift by extended SMAS lift

SMAS is a muscle layer under the facial skin. People in their 50-70’s have concerns about sagging skin, not only on their face but also on their neck. This method is done by making an incision from the frontal side of the ears to the hairline behind the ears. This allows the surgeons to have the maximum amount of area for dissection and the removal of excessive skin which provides the best lifting effect on both face and neck.
2. MADE ( Minimal access deep place extended vertical facelift )
Do not be afraid of a long incision! People who have saggy skin only on their face can choose a less invasive method called MADE with minimal incisions on the frontal sides of the ears.

This method can specifically focus on concerned areas with minimal incisions. Recovery time is also shorter than the other surgery.

The JW surgeon can also lift the skin and the muscle as well as cut the ligaments easily with minimal incisions.

What does face lift correct? 
1. Deep nasolabial folds

2. Loose jawline

3. Deep wrinkles all over their face.

4. Face contour line is not obvious
5. Neck wrinkles

Procedure of JW Face lift


Make an incision on designed line and dissect skin and SMAS muscle and cut ligaments
STEP 2. 
Lift both skin and muscle in required directions to re-sculpt facial shape

Fix the SMAS muscle tightly by rolling it

STEP 4. 
Cut the remaining skin out and stitch.

JW face lift vs. Other face lift 

1. Other clinics lift SMAS muscle in a horizontal direction but JW clinic lifts SMAS muscle vertically, diagonally, horizontally.
2. When JW surgeons perform a facelift, it is not only lifting superficially but also a revival of the shape of the face to look younger. Before we re-sculpt a patient’s face, we first learn the anatomical characteristics of each patient’s face to assure the best results.
For example, if you have a wide cheekbone, we control dissection area and the direction of the lifting in a horizontal way to a vertical way so cheekbone width looks reduced.
On the other hand, if you have a long face, we create more volume on the cheekbones with lifted skin and muscle to help create a more balanced face shape.
Not only the wrinkles but also the sunken cheekbones and the flat mid face are corrected by a face lift.


3. We read the signal of aging from each patient’s face.

Common aging processes: Facial fat descent, facial deflation, volume loss in skeletal support, radial expansion and Dermal elastosis. Each patient has different aging on different parts of their face. JW surgeons can lift each part of the muscle and the skin in a different direction according to its aging stage.

4. Since the muscle is lifted up in many directions, the facial surface tension is more based on muscle than skin. It helps the facial skin to heal faster and wounds become less visible.

5. The remaining muscle after the lift is not cut off but rolled and fixed for a stronger fixation and a longer-lasting effect of the lift.

Treatment after surgery 

Hospitalization for 1 day and you need to visit the clinic 3~5 times for treatment with your surgeon. The stitches will be removed within 7-10 days.

At JW, a facelift is not just the lifting of old skin and muscle but also reviving your face to the younger you.

Only a customized surgery with an experienced surgeon can give you the most satisfying results and this is what we provide at JW plastic surgery clinic.

Depending on your aging process, Mentoplasty for sagging neck muscle, Forehead lift, lower blepharoplasty or face fat grafting can give more synergy to your anti-aging procedure.


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