Eye surgery review in Korea

Hello, I’m Yoori.

I was planning on going to Korea to have eye surgery after I graduated from high school but I had to delay getting my surgery because I needed to prepare for university. 

I didn’t have much time to research plastic surgery clinics in Korea. However, after I heard all the stories about the great service and wonderful results at JW Plastic surgery clinic from my cousin, I knew this was the clinic for me. 

I had a consultation with a JW consultant and was surprised to learn how much experience and knowledge the surgeons have as well their customer service was incredible and friendly. I was also impressed with how well organized and systemized the clinic was. The consultant I saw listened to me very carefully to what I wanted to get done as well as all my concerns. She was very helpful with explaining all the details when I met the surgeon. The surgery examined my eyes and explained clearly what caused my sleepy eyes. He then provided me with some great advice and recommended the operation he thought would help the most. 

My eyes had the sleepy look due to weak eye-opening muscles which then I need to use my forehead muscle to help open my eyes and because of this, it caused wrinkles on my forehead. To correct the sleepy eyes, he recommended Ptosis correction and to broaden my eyes, we also decided to get Epicanthoplasty which helps open the inner corner of my eyes. 

Through the whole process, before I decided on whether I wanted surgery or not, my information was only shared with the doctor and my consultant. My consultant was with me through all the steps which made me feel really comfortable because she knew all the details and information specifically about me. 

The picture below shows my eyes before the surgery. 

You can see how the upper eyelids sag down and look very sleepy. 

On the day of the surgery, I had to fast for 4-hour before the surgery. The surgery only took one and a half hours. For the surgery, they gave me a short sleeping anesthesia and a local anesthesia. 

I was really worried about the pain during the surgery, however, amazingly it was very minimal in comparison to what I was expecting. After the surgery, the doctor told me that it was successful and that my eyes would look pretty after the swelling went down. 
This picture is from 7 days after my surgery. The incision line healed up quite well after only 6 days, so the stitches were able to be removed. There was still some swelling, so I used a warm pack on my eyes to help reduce it. 
The picture above is 1 month after my surgery. In comparison to my eyes before the surgery, my eyes now open much wider and I have distinct but natural looking double eyelids. The distance between my eyes looked wide but now it looks shorter that is more harmonious with my face. 
4 months after the surgery, my eye shape is more round and naturally big. 
I’m really happy with my result and I would highly recommend the JW doctors for your eye surgery! 
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