Dr. Man-Koon Suh Shares Expertise at OSAPS Symposium 2024 in Cebu, Philippines

Cebu, Philippines – JW Plastic Surgery is proud to announce that our Dr. Man-Koon Suh was invited as a master speaker at the esteemed OSAPS (Oriental Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) Symposium 2024, held from July 4th to 6th. The symposium, titled “Harmony in Diversity,” brought together leading plastic surgery specialists from across Asia to exchange knowledge and expertise.

The OSAPS Symposium is a prestigious event in the field of plastic surgery, known for its high-caliber speakers and scientific discussions. This year’s event was no exception, gathering top professionals of their field.

Dr. Suh was one of the selected few Korean plastic surgeons invited to lecture at the symposium. He delivered a highly anticipated lecture titled “Tips & Tricks for Deviated Nose Correction” sharing his extensive experience and innovative techniques in this specialized area of plastic surgery. His presentation was met with significant interest and received enthusiastic reaction from the audience.

Deviated nose correction is a complex and delicate procedure that requires a high level of precision and expertise. Dr. Suh’s insights and practical advice provided valuable guidance to his fellow surgeons, highlighting the latest advancements and best practices in achieving optimal results for patients.

Dr. Suh’s contribution to the symposium not only reflects his personal dedication to advancing the rhinoplasty techniques but also contributes to the reputation of Korean plastic surgery on the global stage.

The symposium provided an invaluable platform for professionals to engage in meaningful discussions, share their latest research findings, and explore new methodologies. It was a perfect occassion to meet fellow professionals from other Asian countries and discuss approach to plastic surgery techniques and share their know-how.

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