Do your homework for your breast surgery in Korea

There must be a lot of articles and documents to read about breast augmentation.

But, if you are the one considering breast surgery but are hesitating to actually book a surgery, then this blog will help you to make the right decision by clarifying what kind of factors you should consider.

l  What is the best breast augmentation surgery?
Breast augmentation surgery is to improve breast fullness and asymmetry or volume loss and increase the projection, size, and shape of the breast. The best surgery will be the one that considers individual’s condition of breast and body. There are various methods of breast augmentation that are customized based on the patient’s breasts. The choice of method depends on a lot of factors: current shape and size of breasts, desired appearance, the surgeon’s experience, the presence of excess fat, and etc.

1.     Types of breast augmentation surgery

Implant: Silicone implants are filled with a special, medical-grade gel that is intended to create a more natural feel and look to the breast compared to saline implants.

Fat graft: Without any breast implants, fat graft breast augmentation creates voluptuous and natural-looking breasts. Injecting autologous fat doesn’t cause any rejection reactions or a sensation of a foreign object, which can occur with breast implants. You should ask the surgeon which equipment the surgeon uses to collect the fat precisely. The latest fat collecting device is “Harvest Jet 2” which is able to minimize the damage of fat cells and filters the fiber tissue out to collect only pure fat.

Combination (Implant + Fat graft): If you have very small breasts or thin subcutaneous fat, Implants may not be enough. If you only get implants, the contours of the implant may be very obvious and/or the breast skin may become wrinkled after the operation.
Not only does a combined breast augmentation make the soft tissue thicker by grafting autologous fat, but it also makes your breasts more voluptuous and natural.

     2.     The excellenceof JW breast augmentation

Researching and looking for a board-certified plastic surgeon that has a lot of experience in breast augmentation with similar cases as yours is one of the most important factorsin choosing the right surgeon and clinic for you. You also need to consider, does the surgeon make you feel comfortable and helps you to understand each step of the procedure, and does the surgeon’s aesthetic style match your goal and what are the realistic results you should expect.

1)     Implant options: JW clinic has a huge variety of different implant samples that allow the customers to touch and feel the implants texture. You can discuss the implants you are interested in and the JW doctor will measure your body, so they can recommend the best implant option for you.  

2) You should ask your surgeon about possible risks and complications with the surgery and the equipment they use, make they provide you with all the details. In a JW operation, we have a Full HD- endoscopy that is used right from the beginning until the end. It helps to minimize the damage to the main vessels and tissue by providing a clear view for surgeon which provides overall safety for the breasts as well we use the latest system Divina for 3D breast scanning and ultrasound imaging.

3) Make sure to check the clinic and surgeons’ surgical results and customer satisfaction with the surgery you are planning to have done. As well, consider the number years of experience the surgeon has with the surgery you are hoping to have done. Also, don’t hesitate to request the surgeons’ previous patients before and after pictures, this will help you to understand the surgeon’s aesthetic style and idea.

l  JW aims at the most Natural shape and soft texture

JW gives the best advice on implant brands and sizes according to your chest shape and size by using a 3D scanning simulation “Divina” to give you a realistic idea of the ultimate natural shape and soft texture.

l  We have a lower risk of capsular contracture and asymmetry by doing a very precise operation with HD endoscopy

l  There is No visible scar or pain
We minimize the bleeding and pain so that you can return to your normal life as soon as possible.

You can consider this procedure as a great confidence booster, especially if you are a good candidate for the surgery in terms of the condition of your body and the safety and maintaining a reasonable expectation for what you will achieve from this surgery.

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