Enhance Your Features through Non-surgical Facial Contouring

Non-surgical Facial Contouring

]When most people are prompted to think of the reasoning behind getting fillers, they likely think of the traditional usage—fillers for attaining anti-aging effects to merely correct wrinkles or deep creases in the face such as “crow’s feet” next to the eyes or “smile lines” next to the mouth.

While it’s true that dermal fillers have predominantly been used to eliminate or reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles and lines, or smoothing allover skin texture, there has been an increase in the trend of using fillers to contour or reshape the face. By giving specific attention to the patient’s unique facial anatomy or desired appearance, specialists can alter and enhance balance or symmetry issues in the face, or give more natural looking improvements to certain features. Filler treatments may be used to augment a variety of popular areas such as the lips, nose, chin, jaw, and can even be used on areas such as the cheeks and the temple.

Benefits of Non-Surgical Facial Contouring

If you are interested in enhancing your facial features but are hesitant to “go under the knife” or want a non-permanent or less invasive solution to your concerns, you may consider receiving non-surgical facial contouring. This treatment option allows for several areas of the face to be worked on and altered at the same time during the same visit, without the long period of recovery associated with traditional surgical methods at a much lower cost. Although the results are not permanent, depending on the location of treatments, results can even last up to 12 months, with effects fading gradually over time.

Non-surgical facial contouring involves using fillers to augment specific areas and features. By injecting fillers into these areas, specialists can create the desired look, whether it be evening out a nose bridge or optimizing the volume on a “weak” chin. Through these relatively small changes, this method can create an especially dramatic effect on one’s side profile.

An especially popular and on trend feature to enhance for a more desirable profile is the lips. With only a few injections, you can completely transform your look, giving the impression of a younger and more charming appearance. 

Non-surgical Facial Contouring

Combination Contouring Methods

By combining fillers with Botox injections, one can receive even more dramatic effects. Many people choose to have Botox on the jaw to relax the muscle used for chewing which can become overly prominent and negatively affect the outward appearance of the jawline. This method is especially useful for those affected by overly square or strong jawlines. Fillers may be used in conjunction with the Botox to improve the appearance of an overly short or unpronounced chin. This multi method approach allows for overall improvement of the V-line.

In addition to rejuvenating and balancing effects, facial contouring also creates an overall slimmer look as it addresses wide points in the face, narrowing prominent areas such as cheekbones as well as tightening saggy skin such as under the chin.

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