All about the FOXY EYES LIFT

Fox eyes lift has recently become a worldwide hot trend as it were greatly popularized by global top-models and Instagram stars, such as Bella Hadid, Kendal Jenner and whole Jenner/Kardashian house in general. Almond-shaped eyes, uplifted eye and eyebrow corners has become a brand-new beauty standard everyone is talking about and everyone wants. No wonder, because it is a look of a sexy and self-confident woman who knows her goals and shapes worldwide beauty canon.

How to get Foxy Eyes?

There are two popular ways to achieve the foxy eyes look. One is an everyday make-up – very short-lasting and requiring around 30 min. spent on a careful, and demanding application every day; the second one is the Foxy Eyes Lifting – a completely painless and safe aesthetic procedure that lasts 30-40 min and gives you the foxy eyes look for up to 1 year.

How the foxy eyes lift is performed?

Fox Eye Lifts a lateral eyebrow lift with Threads, that gives instant lifted effect to the eyebrows and temple area. After the local sedation, the doctor makes injects the threads around eyebrow ends and attentively lifts them towards the hairline to create the lifting effect and then fixes the them. Threads will be completely absorbed by patient’s body and will leave the desired foxy eyes effect for up to 1 year. In JW Plastic Surgery we use special Mint Threads for this operation. These threads are fully absorbable and meet the highest safety standards.

Live Foxy Eyes Lifting procedure and right after feature

How quick is foxy eyes lift recovery process?

The patient may come back to their everyday lifestyle right after the surgery, but the whole recovery process lasts about 2-3 days. During that time slight swelling and bruises might appear on the surgical area but they are mostly quickly gone and the patient can enjoy their celebrity, foxy look as quick as 3 days post operation. No stitches are needed.

Selfie taken right after the surgery

How’s the lifting effect and how long does it last?

Depending on skin condition, level of sagging and initial eye shape the result might vary. Depending on the skin condition and factors related to patient’s life style and post-op self-care the result might last form 6 months to up to 1 year.

Two weeks after the surgery

To whom foxy eyes lift is recommended?

We would recommend foxy eyes lifting to those who:

  • have deep set eyes
  •  have sagged (low) eyebrows, especially lateral area
  •  have minor eyebrow asymmetry
  •  have slight sagging on the corners of your eyes

Foxy Eyes Lifting summary

Duration: 30-40 mins

Anesthesia: Local anesthetic

Recovery process: 2-3 days.

Effect durability: 6 month – 1 year

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