10 Male Celebrities with Best Noses according to Korean plastic surgeon.

Nose surgery for men is usually much different than for women. It’s because the female face has different features than males and also the beauty standards are different. Most of my women clients prefer to have a slender, little curvy, slightly upturned nose, while men… Here the aesthetic standard changed a lot for the breakthrough of recent years. No more than ten years ago, most men wanted a high, straight nose bridge, even though it might obviously look like they’ve done plastic surgery. Nowadays, a more natural look is preferred – a nose that looks like they were born with it, with a little hump and slightly droopy tip. In this post, I want to share a plastic surgeon’s opinion on who amongst Korean and international male celebrities has the most good-looking nose. The order is random, as all these awesome singers and actors have just perfect noses. I am also not judging if any of them got the nose job or not. Even if they did, the effect looks very natural and perfectly matches their face, which is always my aim when I perform the surgery on my patients.

1. Je-hoon Lee

A very talented Korean actor, known from numerous movies and TV dramas. He is also well known for his exceptionally high, straight, and pointy nose – a not so long ago most desired result. While this kind of nose matches well Mr. Lee’s face as his facial features are also very sharp and defined, I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone.

Je-hoon’s Lee nose looks perfectly straight from the side view.
Perfect straight line and refined tip is well noticeable from the front.

2. Dong-won Kang

Handsome Korean actor known from numerous block-booster k-movies, such as sequel of world-acclaimed “Train to Busan” – “Peninsula”. Dong-won’s nose matches his masculine image. Similarly to Je-hoon Lee, Mr. Kang’s nose is straight and high with a defined, narrow tip. However, a little hump is visible, which gives this “perfectly imperfect” vibe.

There’s a little hump visible on Dong-won Kang’s nose.
From the front view his nose is very masculine and well defined.

3. Eun-woo Cha

A member of well-known K-pop boy group Astro and a rookie actor Eun-woo Cha is loved by Koreans and international fans for his talent and “charming guy” image. He is also well known amongst my Korean patients who often bring his photo to the consultation as a reference of the “natural-looking nose” they wish to have. Mr. Cha’s nose has a high bridge with a little hump, the tip is slightly droopy and not as pointy as Mr. Kang’s and Mr. Lee’s.

Eun-woo Cha has a small hump and little droopy tip.
His nose looks very natural.

4. BTS V (Tae-hyung Kim)

I don’t need to introduce a world-famous member of BTS, who has topped the 2021 years list of 10 most handsome men in the world, beating such stars as Brad Pitt and Henry Cavill. V has a sleek and slender nose with only slightly droopy tip. If the tip would be lifted just a bit, that would look like an obvious plastic surgery result. With tip like this and a petite hump, his nose looks beautiful and yet natural.

V has a slender nose with slightly droopy tip
His nose looks natural and harmonious from every angle.

5. Won Bin

A star of world-acclaimed action movie “A Man from Nowhere” and Korean personification of a “manly man” actor Won Bin has a very masculine nose with high, but not too slim nose bridge. The tip is little droopy and the hump is also present.

Won Bin’s nose looks strong and very masculine
Makes a perfect harmony with his face and image.

6. Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo is a talented movie and TV drama actor, internationally known for his praised role in “Train to Busan”. Gong Yoo has a very sharp facial features and perfectly matching nose with high bridge, visible hump, and slightly droopy tip.

Gong Yoo has a high, defined nose with slightly droopy tip.
The hump is well visible.

7. Jude Law

This British actor has always been regarded as one of the most handsome men in the world. As a rhinoplasty specialized surgeon, I can clearly say that he has one of aesthetically best noses. He has a high nose bridge with small hump, the tip is slightly droopy and voluminous. There are clearly noticeable straight lines on both side of his nose.

Jude Law has one of aesthetically best noses.
Clear straight lines are visible on both sides of his nose.

8. Tom Cruise

This prominent American actor has a, let’s call it – a signature nose. Lines of his nose and eyebrows makes almost perfect 90-degree angle. His nasal bridge shape is not perfectly smooth, and he has a thick tip which makes it very characteristic and hard to imitate. Recently, Mr. Cruise’s nose has become a little bumpy. It’s, due to aging process, the skin becomes thinner and starts to reveal the shape of bone and cartilages inside the nose.

Nose and eyebrows makes almost perfect straight angle.
With the age Tom Cruise’s nose became little bumpy.

9. Johnny Depp

Mr. Depp’s nose is much different type of great shape. Unlike previous noses, there is no hump here, the bridge is very smooth and slim. Tip is not too thick; droopiness is not obvious. This kind of nose perfectly matches Mr. Depp’s face, which is masculine but very harmonious and beautiful. As he aged, his nose didn’t become bumpy, but the tip droopiness became more obvious.

Johnny Depp has a very smooth ans straight nose.
With the age the tip became a little droopy.

10. Leonardo DiCaprio

One of world’s most talented and recognized actors – one of my favorites as well. Similarly to Tom Cruise’s Mr. DiCaprio’s nose and eyebrows make almost perfect straight angle. Nose bridge is sharp, but the tip is not pointy. With the age his nose has lost some of its sharpness and became slightly rough, which doesn’t make Mr. DiCaprio any less handsome.

Leonardo DiCaprio has sharp nose bridge and perfect eyebrows/nose angle.
With the age, his nose lost a little of the sharpness.

What makes a “perfect nose”?

These were the best noses amongst male celebrities, that I let myself humbly choose from rhinoplasty specialist point of view. As you can see, most of these noses represent a different type and shape but there is one common thing – each of them perfectly matches its owner’s face. That’s why for me it is very important to make an individualized design for each of my patients. What matches well one face, will look offbeat on another. Let’s imagine Tom Cruise with Johnny Depp’s smooth and straight nose. I suppose something would feel off.

When I make a design and surgery plan for my patients, I always consider 4 things:

  • Face “golden ratio”
  • Skin features
  • Face structure
  • Desired effect

Taking these four main conditions into consideration is the only way to achieve natural looking, beautiful nose that harmonizes with patient’s face.

If you are curious what rhinoplasty plan you would get, you can always reach to one of our consultants, who will help you schedule a consultation with me.