[Valid until the end of April] 30% discount for every surgery

2020 is the year of JW’s 20th birthday and we are giving you presents. Because for us, you are the most precious!

We’re starting our 20th Birthday second promotion. A great event when you can get the surgery for 30% less. The promotion applies to every surgery. Sounds awesome?

Promotion’s Rules & Conditions

  1. Every new patient who book and confirm the surgery until the end of April will get a 30% discount for every surgery.
  2. Promotion applies to everyone who books the surgery before the end of April. The date of surgery confirmation applies, not the date of the surgery itself. E.g. you want surgery in May but you confirm the surgery with our consultants before the end of April – you’re getting the discount!
  3. The promotion applies only to direct patients – who contacted JW Plastic Surgery directly – without agency’s assistance.

How to apply this promotion?

1. Have online consultation and get expected plan and quote

Or WhatsApp message to:

  • Emily: +82 10 7195 5114 +82 10 6389 5114
  • Tina: +82 10 4779 5116 +82 10 5768 5114

2. Arrange surgery and tell them you would like to participate with 30% event.

[IMPORTANT] Promotion applies only to patients who contact us directly. Agency patients are excluded from promotion.