JW Plastic Surgery’s Medical Team at PRS Korea 2019

JW Plastic Surgery’s medical team has been invented to give lectures at PRS 2019 Korea, held on 8-10th of November in convention centre of Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas Hotel.

PRS Korea is an annual event organized by The Korean Association of Plastic Surgeons and it’s Korea’s biggest event dedicated to plastic surgery area. Last year it gathered more than 1500 surgeons from all over the world. 100 of them presented their lectures as renowned international researchers.

This time the event consisted of 150 sessions. JW Plastic Surgery’s doctor lectured on sessions devoted to every field of plastic surgery.

Dr. Seul, Dr. Suh and Dr. Choi at PRS Korea 2019

Dr Hong Lim Choi – a member of the executive committee of Asian Blepharoplasty Forum, has planned the whole 4th Asian Blepharoplasty Forum and personally invited international researchers to the event. The event could be processed successfully. He also supervised the life surgery and gave a speech about “How to maintain the shape of lower eyelid”.

Dr. Choi giving lecture on 4th Asian Blepharoplasty Forum

Dr Yeon Jun Kim was also present at the 4th Asian Blepharoplasty Forum and gave a lecture on the topic of “Lower lids shaping in lower blepharoplasty”. He received a huge applause for sharing an exceptional know-how.

Dr. Kim shared his excellent know-how

JW Plastic Surgery’s specialist in eye and anti-aging surgery Dr. Hong Dae Kang gave a lecture about “Analysis of change of eyebrow position according to dissection range for endoscopic forehead lift”.

Dr. Kang thoroughly covered the topic of eyebrow position analysis

Rhinoplasty specialist dr. Man Koon Suh and breast surgery specialist Dr. Chul Hwan Seul gave lectures devoted to their fields and were praised greatly for their excellent knowledge and eminent clinical experience.

Koreas best rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Suh
One of Bellagel implant fathers Dr. Seul

JW Plastic Surgery’s medical team participated in PRS Korea in order to spread an excellent Korean plastic surgery technique widely to the world.

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