BellaGel Expert Meeting at JW Plastic Surgery

11th of November BellaGel Expert Meeting has been held in JW Plastic Surgery.

Famous American plastic surgeon Dr. Bradley P. Bengtson has come to JW Plastic Surgery to meet with Dr. Chul Hwan Seul, have an expert discussion and watch a live surgery performed by Dr. Seul.

Dr. Bengtson and Dr. Seul had an interesting expert discussion

This meeting was hosted by Hans Biomed – the producer of BellaGel implants. Dr. Bengtson is the American key-expert who contributed in BellaGel breast implants invention process. He is a founder of Michigan based Bengtson Center for Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery. He is a specialized expert who performed numerous procedures in various fields of plastic surgery.

Dr. Seul has performed a combination breast augmentation

Dr. Chul hwan Seul, who is a global key-expert for BellaGel implants has performed a combination breast augmentation surgery in front of Dr. Bengtson and representatives of Hans Biomed.

Combination breast augmentation is a surgery that involves not only the breast implants, but also fat transplant. Thanks to this method the result looks much more natural. The fat is harvested from body parts rich in fatty tissues and injected into the breast area. Combination breast augmentation has been mastered by Dr. Seul and keeps attracting patients whose concern is to have bigger but natural-looking and feeling breasts.

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