Tips and Tricks to Boost Your Booty

Take a look anywhere in popular media from daily posts by your favorite “body goals” Instagrammer to Hollywood celebrities, and certain infamous music artists and their lyrics, and it would be hard to miss the worldwide growing trend and focus on the perfect buttocks.

While the trend may be newer in some parts of the world, the attention given to women’s backsides has always existed in certain countries and cultures. South America, for example, has long idolized a plump posterior with countries such as Brazil spearheading butt lift and implant trends around the world.

Focus on Fitness

One of the main reasons for the popularity of the booty trend in the past several years has been the shift in women’s focus on fitness. In the past, beauty standards dictated women’s bodies should be slender and petite. Now, however, focus is being given to a thicker, more toned physique as an aspirational body goal. Especially on social media, fitness influencers show off their toned bodies as well as tips, tricks, and techniques to achieve the picture-perfect butt.

There are several exercises which target the gluteus muscle group that form the overall shape of the butt. The most famous of these booty exercises are squats. Squats, when done correctly, can build up the volume on your behind and help tone up the muscles resulting in a larger, lifted shape. Try to add sumo squats (done in the same way as traditional squats, except the feet are positioned slightly wider than the original shoulder-width apart, and the toes should be kept pointed out to the sides) for a stance variation which targets different areas of your bum as well.

In addition to squats, you may also try to incorporate lunges and donkey kicks to your booty boosting routine for a more well-rounded plan. If you are going the fitness route don’t forget the importance of diet!  Protein is absolutely essential for building muscle (and thus a nice butt,) so make sure that you are meeting your daily protein needs to boost those booty gains.

Even simple lifestyle changes like taking the stairs instead of the elevator can help you on your journey to achieve the perfect butt.

Fashion Forward

A nice, sculpted butt is one of the components of the coveted hourglass figure and accentuating it with the right clothes will automatically make give you a sexier look. In addition, a rounded and lifted bum not only adds instant sex appeal and increased confidence but also changes the way certain clothes fit.

Highlight your backside with well-fitting jeans that are tailored to your body as a gaping waist or loose fabric around the area may cause it look flat or misshapen. High-waisted or “mom jean” styles are not only on trend, but also help accentuate your curves by emphasizing the smallness of the waist. Jumpsuits and rompers may also help to add some drama and volume to your body shape.

Another option is to wear tops or jackets with a peplum silhouette. The extra fabric on the peplum detail will heighten the natural curvature of the hips and add volume to those with smaller behinds. Finally, the stretchy materials commonly used for leggings and yoga pants put emphasis on and enhance your natural curves.

If you’re looking for an extra boost, try wearing shoes with heels to change your posture and help the buttocks look more prominent.


While weight lifting and exercise is the traditional route to attain your perfect peach-shaped bottom, there are also a variety of surgical procedures that have been developed throughout the years to augment and improve the look of your posterior.

Looking for alternative methods? At JW Plastic Surgery we have several augmentation procedures that help to lift and improve the shape of your buttocks.

For more information on such procedures, contact us at JW Plastic Surgery to receive your personalized consultation and find out how to boost your body confidence, or visit our website.