Fat transplant – how long the effect lasts? Is the procedure safe?

Its natural that we want to be beautiful as long as possible. To achieve it, we try many, less and more effective ways – from using skincare products, taking dietary supplements, trying to keep good diet rich in hydration and vitamins, Botox injections and finally by various surgical procedures, such as lightings and face fat transplant – also known as fat grafting or fat injection.

What is the fat transplant?

Face fat transplant is an anti-ageing procedure which gives immediate effect by injecting patient’s own fat cells into areas lacking in volume. One of the characteristics of ageing process is that under skin fat volume decreases, making skin sagging and giving tired, old looking image – something we all want to postpone for as late as possible. The fat may be injected to wrinkles and flat areas, such as flat forehead and cheeks, bringing back the volume and evening wrinkles. It’s a highly effective procedure, that gives natural looking baby-face effect.   However, as much as miraculous this procedure may be, as many questions it may bring. We are here for you to explain any doubt.  

Fat transplant brings back the volume and evens wrinkles

Is fat transplant safe?

Yes. It is certainly a safe and minimally invasive procedure. The fat is simply harvested from areas with plenty of it to the face which loses its volume. As fat cells are harvested from our own body and using the most modern, advanced liposuction techniques, the risk of fat cells being rejected by the body is very little.

Fat is injected to face areas lacking in volume

In JW clinic we use Harvest Jet 2 -a super strong water jet, and it harvests each fat granule in the same fashion as one can imagine taking off a berry stalk from a bunch of grapes. In this way, the harvested fat has almost no damages and can be transferred immediately to other parts of body. Thus, ensuring that the graft survival rate is high.

Harvest Jet 2 Fat Transfer has been growing in popularity among patients, as it increases the graft survival rate when fat transfer is applied to the overall face.

Using the most advanced equipment is highly important

How long does the anti-ageing effect last?

So now we know that the procedure is safe and minimally invasive. But another question appears – is it worthy, how long it lasts? Here we have satisfying answer. It lasts permanently. How is it possible? Transferred fat cells are our own, just moved to another part of the body. After approximately three months after the procedure, survived fat cells (around 40-60%) assimilate in their new surroundings, becoming as ours as any cell we have.    

Some would ask: When we go on diet and lose fat, we lose it, right? What if I start dieting and, let’s say, lose couple of kilograms?  Here’s the answer. It won’t be lost it will grow with you and shrink with you. Sounds like a dream, right? However, you must remember that permanent effect is possible when the procedure is done in a good and trustworthy facility. If you decide to do it, chose the clinic wisely, ensuring the surgeons staff and equipment they use is of the best quality.

Is it worthy to have face fat transplant?

As you see the procedure is safe and highly effective. It is good to chose it for permanent and natural effect. It doesn’t involve any alien elements entering your body, so it’s safer and more natural looking than most of anti-ageing procedures.  It is certainly worth to do if you want such effect.

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