Buttock Augmentation in Korea : the Brazilian Butt Lift to Achieve a Slender Body!

Buttock Augmentation in Korea : the Brazilian Butt Lift to achieve a well-balanced hot body!

The beauty standard has been changing. In the past, many women wanted to be pretty and as skinny as possible. However, recently more and more women want to have a healthy and shapely body contour, specifically, they want a fuller and rounder butt! 

There are 2 common way to achieve rounder butt

The first options is to use an implant, and the other option is a fat transfer ( fat injection). Each method has pros and cons, so you are better to consult with your doctor to decide what the right method is for you based on your physical characteristics.

  • Option1: implant method
Achieve any or shape you want.
Even dramatic changes are possible.

The implant can move.
Unnatural appearance.
The possibility of rupturing.
Cost can be expensive.
Possible scarring from insulting the implant
  • Option2: Fat transfer method( Fat injection)
The safe results.
The feeling to touch and the shape is natural
It is possible to combine with other body contouring surgeries.
Reasonably priced compared to the implant method.
Least scarring( Maximum about 1 ~2 cm).

There is a limitation of size. 
Second round may be required. 

Considering the pros&cons, more and more of the world prefers to get fat injection method over implant method. For these reasons, JW recommends the fat injection method to achieve a lovelier and rounder buttocks!

What You Should Be Aware of Before Proceeding with a Buttock Augmentation and Precaution?

  • How big I can make my buttocks? 
 The size will depending on one’s physical characteristics and the amount of fat that the surgeon can harvest. This can really differ from person to person depending on their weight, the amount of fat on their thighs, and skin’s elasticity. The surgery should only be done after considering these factors with the doctor. 
You also need to consider that 50% of fat will be absorbed. Right after the surgery, the size of the butt will seem bigger than expected because the fat hasn’t started to absorb yet and due to the swelling from the operation.
  • How long does the fat last?
Any fat that survives after absorption will last forever unless you lose a lot of weight in a short period of time.

  • Is buttock augmentation via fat transfer method dangerous?

The fat transfer method is much safer way than the implant method because fat is an autologous tissue, so it barely has any adverse reactions.

  • How soon I can lay down on the bed naturally?
It is better to sleep facing down for at least 1 month. If this isn’t possible, please try to avoid placing any pressure on the buttocks. Placing pillows above and below the buttocks can help.

  • Should I wear a compression garment?
For fat injection, fat will be harvested from the thighs or the abdomen, but the area is not as large as it is for liposuction, so a compression garment is not necessary. However, depending on the situation, bindings or bandages might need to be applied. 

Ideally, its more recommended losing weight through exercise and a dietary regime. However, this still might not give you a round and full butt, especially it is hard for Asians to achieve this because of their body and physical characteristics.
T JW, our surgeons have exceptional techniques as well as 19 years of clinical experience which will help you to achieve your ideal body contour with a fat transfer in a safe environment and satisfying results. 

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