Become More Confident and Beach Ready with Body Contouring

Beach Ready with Body Contouring

Temperatures are heating up and summer is in full swing!

Summer is the season when people tend to feel the most self-conscious about their figure as we replace the layers and oversized jackets of colder seasons for lightweight fabrics and expose more of our bodies to keep cool. Many people, however, deny themselves the opportunity to fully enjoy the perks of summer and summer activities out of shame or guilt in how they look, continuing to hide their bodies with season-inappropriate clothing which can cause stress and discomfort.

If you have avoided going to the beach or water park or even wearing certain clothing items because you’re worried about exposing areas of your body you deem problematic, you may consider undergoing a body contouring procedure.

Body contouring is made up of several procedures including liposuction and “tummy tucks”.


Liposuction is the physical removal of fat from targeted body parts. One of the biggest pros of liposuction is that it can be performed on a variety of traditional trouble areas such as the stomach/abdomen, inner thighs, upper arms, under the chin (to reduce the effect of a “double chin”), and even to finally get rid of pesky “love handles”—the fat accumulated around the hips. Although it is important to first make sure to lose considerable weight through healthy diet and exercise, these parts of the body are often difficult to address with diet and exercise alone.

No need to worry about large scars! As liposuction is performed by creating a tiny incision and introducing a very small suction catheter to remove the fat throughout the desired areas, there is no need to worry about large or visible scarring in the affected zones.

“Tummy Tuck”

A “tummy tuck” (or abdominoplasty) is performed when the skin has been excessively stretched out from excess weight gain around the belly or after a pregnancy. Even if you have reduced your waist size through diet and exercise, sometimes the skin around your abdomen has been stretched out too much, and it is difficult for it to return to its original state. A tummy tuck can be performed in conjunction with liposuction to guarantee a smoother body contouring result. Tummy tucks also remove areas of excessive scarring caused by stretch marks. This procedure may target specific areas of the belly such as the lower abdomen and even sagging of the upper belly.

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Body Contouring, Dieting, and Weight Gain

Many people might think that having liposuction or a tummy tuck done is taking “the easy way out.” While it’s true that procedures such as liposuction and abdominoplasty can be an effective and quick method for removing stubborn fat and excess skin in concentrated areas, they should not be seen as a permanent miracle procedure. Liposuction involves removal of the fat cells themselves, leaving desired areas firmer and smoother. However, if diet and exercise is not properly maintained after receiving the procedure, the remaining fat cells will still continue to enlarge, resulting in repeated weight gain.

Similarly, if a large amount of weight is regained in the stomach and abdomen post tummy tuck, the remaining skin may stretch out, causing the same problem as before. Although with liposuction there will be fewer fat cells than before and a tummy tuck does remove excess skin, it is important to maintain an active, healthier lifestyle, and make smart changes to your daily routine to keep your new slimmer figure.

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The most crucial component when performing a successful body contouring procedure is the skill and experience of the surgeon performing it. Make sure you are confident with the expertise of your surgeon before pursuing such procedures. You can feel confident with us at JW Plastic Surgery as we have 18 years of body contouring expertise. Don’t hesitate to contact our experts to determine which methods are most suitable for you.