All you need to know about BellaGel Breast Implants

Nowadays when it comes to a decision to choose an implant for breast augmentation surgery, first of all, many patients start their research online. Today we would like to talk about BellaGel breast implants in details to contribute to those patients or anyone out there interested in educating themselves about this specific BellaGel implants.

History and Properties of BellaGel breast implants

BellaGel Micro or how it is recently renamed to BellaGel Smooth Fine is a breast implant that was developed and clinically tested by Korean company – Hans Biomed Corp. The “BellaGel Micro” was first introduced in August 2017 (Choi, 2018). Since then it has been approved for sale by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) and is the product which is manufactured in accordance with strict international guidelines on production process and quality control.

BellaGel breast implant

1. Natural Shape of breasts

BellaGel implants consist of 100% cohesive gel of high viscoelasticity which assures the most soft, natural feel and shape. No wonder why the number of women choosing BellaGel implants for their breast surgery in Korea is growing exponentially. 

2. Implant surface

BellaGel implants have fine and smooth surface which is specifically designed to adjust well with the human body. Its texture helps to reduce complications such as ‘seroma’ or ‘capsular contracture’ formation. This corresponds to the criteria of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Surface is designed to help reducing complications

3. Implant’s size and other characteristics

Thanks to its variety in sizes, BellaGel implants are made to suit unique body characteristics of patients. So when choosing the exact size of an implant, surgeons take into account those important factors as well as trying to create a perfect balance between diameter, the extent of extrusion and volume. BellaGel implants have five different projections such as low, special medium, medium, high, ultra-high.

BellaGel implants at JW Plastic Surgery Center

Another reason BellaGel implants are so special for our clinic is because Dr.Seul Chul Hwan is a key developer of this very BellaGel breast implants here in South Korea. We are very proud to have such a talented and highly professional specialist as a breast surgery and body contouring surgeon at JW. As a key developer of BellaGel implants, Dr.Seul has been conducting breast augmentation surgeries and has thousands of successful real stories of both Korean and overseas patients.

Just recently in November of this year, JW Plastic Surgery Center was a host for an event where Dr.Seul performed a very successful Live surgery of combination breast augmentation using BellaGel implants on BellaGel Experts Meeting featuring another BellaGel developer – Dr.Bradley P. Bengtson from Bengtson Center for Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery.

Safety Standards

BellaGel implants are truly expanding its presence in plastic surgery arena both domestically and internationally thanks to the trust it gained through its commitment to meet all the types of quality control regulations. Hans Biomed Co. Ltd. conducts more than 20 quality tests on the implants such as fatigue test, strength test and impact test.

Quality tests prove BellaGel outstanding endurance

Warranty System

And last, but not least, BellaGel implants have a warranty program that provides patients with detailed information on product authenticity and its surgery records. Also, this lifetime guarantee program assures that in case of the 3rd or 4th stage capsular contracture occurrence, the company is obliged to replace it.

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