7 Shapes of women’s breasts – which one is yours?

We differ from each other in a million ways. Height, body shape, eyes, hair etc. But did you know there is as much as 7 basic types of female breasts? Check which one is yours and what bra would be suitable to make them look gorgeous.

Bell shape

They literally resemble two bells – with narrow longer top and round slightly wider bottom. Bra of choice: stable wired bra is a good choice for bells. However, it’s better to avoid balconette, as it will raise them too high and squeeze from the front making a visually unpleasant flowing out effect.

East-West shape

This type is more typical for small breasts. In this case the distance between the boobs is quite big and both nipples face different direction. The shape is more similar to the cone than a sphere. Bra of choice: Chose a bra that will put them together and let you shape them well in cups. Wired, stable bra, with necessarily well adjusted size would be the best.

Side-set shape

They are set a little apart from each other but unlike East-West type, nipples face a straight direction. This type is more typical for average size breasts. Bra of choice: Similarily to East-West, the best bra would be the one which will push them together.

Asymetrical shape

Breasts differ in size and shape. It’s a common feature for more than 50% of women, but it’s not always visible at first sight. Bra of choice: this asymmetry is easy to be corrected by a well-adjusted bra with inserts.

Slender breasts

They are relatively small but firm and in regular shape. They seem to be completely immune to the impact of gravitation. Bra of choice: slender breasts look well in any kind of bra, but if you want to make them look bigger, just use a little push-up.

Teardrop shape

Average in size, well-shaped and firm. This shape is little similar to bell, but they’re usually not that big. They’re round and full on the bottom and slightly narrower on the top. Bra of choice: they look great in any kind of bra.

Round shape

They are equally full on the top and the bottom and located closely to each other. Round breasts are full, firm and in perfect shape. If you have them, you should be grateful to mother nature. Bra of choice: they look great in any kind of bra.

Breast surgery?

In case you are unsatisfied with your boobs’ shape or size, you can consider undergoing a breast surgery. There are numerous kinds of procedures, that can correct as well the shape and the size of your breasts. Breast augmentation alone involves numerous kinds of implants. If you decide to have the breast surgery it is very important to choose a clinic, with individual approach. Where the doctor will choose the type of surgery and the implant to match your natural breasts. As you can see there are many type of breasts and this is also the essential factor for good and satisfying surgery outcome.

In JW Plastic Surgery we provide with many breast procedures, such as:

  • Breast augmentation with implants (MOTIVA, Bella-Gel)
  • Combination breast augmentation
  • Fat graft breast augmentation
  • Breast reduction
  • Breast reconstruction
  • Nipple and areola surgery
  • Sagging breast correction
  • Revision breast surgery

JW Plastic Surgery, with our 20 years of experience is a great choice for satisfying breast surgery.

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