10 Female Celebrities with Best Noses according to Korean plastic surgeon.

Which Korean and Western female celebrity has the perfect nose? Some time ago I talked about male celebrities with best looking noses from plastic surgeon’s point of view. Answering your numerous requests, I prepared a female version of the ranking. I am basing my opinion on my own experience with rhinoplasty and picture examples, my patients show me the most often during the consultation before the surgery. The order is random, as all these amazing actresses and singers have noses that go perfectly with their faces and represent other types. I am also far of giving an accusation of getting a nose job done to any of mentioned people. Without knowing the real medical history, it is impossible to know for sure.

1. IU

IU is one of Korea’s most talented singers. Thanks to her natural, sweet, and innocent image she earned herself the title of “Nation’s Little Sister”. IU has a petite, dollish face, with no harsh lines and so is her nose. It’s not too high nor is it low.

When we take a look at the side view, we‘ll see that her nose bridge is not very high and rises from the point between her eyes. It is slightly curved, ending with just sufficient, not too sharp but not bulbous tip.

Looking at the front view picture, we can see almost perfect symmetry with only slightly visible round nostrils. Her nose is small and natural looking. It attunes with her other facial features. Very high, pinched nose would completely ruin her face’s harmony. Many of my patients who wish for a natural and harmonious effect bring me IU’s picture as an example of the effect they expect.

2. Black Pink’s Rose

Second on my list is Rose, a member of the most popular Korean girl band Black Pink. Her nose is recently the most sought for by my Korean patients. It’s just perfect. Perfect height, curve, tip and symmetry.

Her nose bridge is much higher than IU’s and starts from above the middle line of her eyes. The bridge line goes perfectly smoothly, without any bumps, ending with a slightly upturned but not pinched tip. Alar wings are moderately narrow and alar rims make regular and symmetrical bows. Even if it were a result of aesthetic surgery it is not too obvious, as there is no exaggeration at any point.

3. Seo Ye Ji

The beautiful actress with a cold and perfectionist look, Seo Ye Ji has a very significant nose. Her pictures are often brought to me by women who wish for a bolder and more glamorous look. She has an incredibly high nose bridge that starts from above her eyes. Her nose is straight and long. Bridge and columella make a sharp, triangular shape. I would say that her nose is a female equivalent to Lee Je Hoon’s nose, which I talked about previously. While it matches well the actress, won’t go well with every face. Some women, if they got such high and straight nose, might end up looking older and fierce.

4. TWICE’s Sana

TWICE’s Japanese singer Sana, just like IU represents the cute and lovely image. However, her nose is much different than IU’s. Her nose bridge is high, and she had a little hump. The nose tip is also very high and slightly pinched. Just like Seo Ye Ji, she got no curve, and the tip is not upturned. Although her nose is high it still looks very natural. This look is often requested by patients with naturally high and humped bridges, who only want their tip and alar base to be corrected.

5. Shin Se Kyung

Before Black Pink Rose got astonishingly popular, actress Shin Se Kyung’s nose was the number one “desired nose” amongst my Korean and Asian patients. No wonder, because she also represents this harmonious and perfect style of the nose with a slightly curved, moderately high bridge and petite, a bit upturned tip. It’s symmetrical and the alar wings are moderately narrow. Just like in Rose’s case, nothing is exaggerated here. Just a smooth and perfectly balanced nose.

A perfect nose by Korean beauty standard and the Western beauty standard is much different. The simplest example is that Asian patients usually want their noses higher and bigger, while Western patients seek nose reduction.  I work with patients from all around the world and I always consider various beauty standards and perform thorough interviews before making the final surgery plan to get a satisfying effect for each and every patient of mine.

6. Florence Pugh

The short, curved, and upturned nose of this brilliant actress is certainly one of the most often demanded noses by my Western patients. While IU’s nose reminds a delicate, porcelain doll, Florence’s nose reminds me of a Barbie or Bratz doll. This kind of nose is often called a “Barbie nose”. The actress has a very characteristic nose tip with a significant peak. This effect is not easily achievable by plastic surgery, and I wouldn’t advise it to everyone. It is mainly not safely achievable in the case of people with initially very small nose tip that lacks enough skin and tissue.

7. Kristen Steward

Kristen Steward has a very smooth, slightly upturned nose. She also has a significant peak on her tip, but it is not as obvious as in the case of Florence Pugh. Her bridge is high, starting from her forehead, but the nose doesn’t overwhelm her face. Together with straight eyebrows, it makes an almost perfect straight angle, giving a somehow masculine look, which is however very admirable in her case. Kristen’s nose has a perfect shape itself, therefore it is often requested by my patients, and to be honest, would match most faces.

8. Halle Berry

Beautiful and talented actress Halle Berry represents an American standard of beauty. Her face is sharp and harmonious with a bright and kind smile. Her straight and short nose, without a balanced, not upturned tip is a definition of beauty. It behaves very naturally when she smiles and looks great from every angle. However, this kind of nose, while still in demand, became less popular recently stepping down before Florence Pugh’s type of nose.

9. Emma Watson

If I want to compare Emma Watson’s nose to their Asian counterpart, I will say it is similar to Sana’s. Emma also has a small, cute hump on the nose bridge and her tip is not too much upturned. While being perfect, it still looks very natural. If we take a look from the front view, the nostrils are not too round or prominent, as the tip is not upturned. However, what we can observe is almost a perfect symmetry. This kind of nose is often demanded from my Western patients who want a natural-looking and feminine nose.

10. Natalie Portman

Beautiful, talented and awarded actress, who is an example of absolute classical beauty. And so is her nose. It is high, straight, and not upturned. The nose bridge and tip are almost the same widths. This kind of nose is mainly demanded by patients who want a classic and timeless beauty. While the first Western nose I introduced reminds me of a doll, Natalie’s nose is somehow more like an ancient Greek sculpture. It is very smooth and perfectly straight, even though the columella is a little droopy it is not something I would want to correct by the surgery. It just goes flawlessly with her face and image.


If someone asks me what the perfect nose is, I wouldn’t give a clear answer. A perfect nose, both for women and men depends on the face. For some women, a short, curvy, and slightly upturned nose would be ideal, but for some, it would look cartoonish. Seo Ye Jin’s high and long nose fits her perfectly but how it would look on IU’s face? At least strange. Therefore, it is important to assess what “perfect” means for each face via detailed consultation. Sometimes non-perfect is perfect. Like in the case of Sana and Emma Watson.

It is just my honest advice, when you consider rhinoplasty, choose the surgeon that will treat your case individually, who will help you find your golden solution and will honestly tell you what is possible in your case. If you go to consultation, showing Kristen Steward’s photo and the doctor will just briefly tell you “Ok. Pay your fee at the counter and see you tomorrow”, treat it as a red flag.